USAGE AREA: Water-water heat exchange with the air cooling towers of the heat transfer surface, creates the need for. Water zerreciklere, cool down. PP (polypropylene) material is manufactured with injection printing method. High temperature process waters (approx. 80 ° c) is used, even with success. The Water; dirty, oily, tufallı, is available, and the environment is very dusty calcifying enterprises is preferred. Ratio of suspended solids in water; continuous (24-hour) study, 300, short term (less than 10 hours) should not exceed 500 ppm stages of studies. It is possible to clean for reuse. Maintenance cost is very low.

Product name PP Bigudi Filling
Material PP (Polipropilen)
Material Density 0,95 - 1,00 gr/cm³
Dimensions 61mm x 63 mm
Surface area per unit volume 50 m²/m³
Unit Volume 3300 Number/m³
Pack 800 Number / Sack