Water, on the channels during the transition, water bioball pieces thanks to the large surface area of the filter and aerobic nitrification bakterilerine abetting, plastic mamulden, biological and mechanical filtrasyondur.

  • • Biological filter control.The ball-shaped plastic material in fact channels and holes, surface area has been expanded for the formation of aerobic bacteria.
  • • These balls are provided to both the water passing over reneecarbonatto, the formation of both aerobic bacteria enrichment.
  • • Ammonia-Nitrite-Nitrate in surface area for bacteria is required.
  • • Interior surfaces created erosion surfaces better than biological purpose, it explodes.
  • • Raw material selection is very important not to ignore.Because the light under the pretext of recycling raw materials may contain over time depending on the wastes produced bioball adversities.In this respect, the plastic is used in metallic color stabilized.Biological interaction of inorganic additives are also used streamlined.
  • • Ammonia-Nitrite-Nitrate in surface area for bacteria is required.
  • • Bioball flour 16 of them 1. According to the field in comparison with 1 liter bioball coming 30% more space with more efficient has the surface area of their peers ... Pablo calculation must be calculated by multiplying with 2.
  • • 32 and 33 are from a number of 1 desi Bioball. Bioball surface area 200cm2