Moving Bed Biological Reactor "Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR ™) process, biological sewage treatment was carried out in an environment that is based on the principle of holding proliferating mikroorganizmalarca (biofilm). MBBR biofilm systems collects within the activated sludge and the advantages of the.

This process is designed for industrial or domestic wastewater treatment facilities in total to go higher than the classic systems efficiencies.

BIOfix MBBR ™ system is a very small areas in the design of new treatment facilities sewage treatment to be used, the capacity of the existing wastewater treatment plants at the same time artımında and is applied with success in such methylation can be involved. Only carbon removal removal of the old plant is converted into nitrogen, making renovations reinforced concrete structures capable systems.

These systems can be combined with activated sludge process as well. Biological process with MBBR ™ process, activated sludge combined. This biological process is the classical activated sludge treatment facilities are available, you can easily use the existing reactor, while the improvement of the food; no need to build a new concrete pool.